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Welcome to CânSing - [11/12/2018]

Welcome to CânSing. If this is your first visit to us please take a few moments to have a look around our site; we've got a large collection of materials which are particularly suitable for school use - but of course are free to be used by anyone in any location!

Amongst our song-bank you will find a small number of pieces that require a user log-in; due to copyright restrictions we are only able to offer these to schools in Wales where at least one member of staff has participated in our training. If you would like further information about this, or to be reminded of your log-in details please get in touch.

There are a number of other points to note about the forthcoming season including:

CânSing and Literacy – we have already delivered very successful training courses focusing on making links between CânSing and the literacy element of the LNF (KS2). If you are interested in this element of our work please contact me directly.

Training: we are in the process of firming up the arrangements for our training programme, if you are interested in participating in CânSing training or able to offer your school as a venue for one of our twilight sessions please get in touch.

As ever, the CânSing team are here to offer support in any way we can. We also love to hear feedback from our colleagues across the UK and beyond so please get in touch!



Suzanne Barnes



Song of the week

Title: O Holy Night
Key: G Major
Vocal range: 10th
Standard: Intermediate
Theme: Carol / Christmas / Christianity
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