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Title: Sosban Fach (Little Saucepan)
Composer: Trad
Arrangement: Jeff Howard (BBC NOW)
Lyrics: Trad
Key: G Minor
Vocal range: 8th
Parts: 5
Grading: Intermediate
Theme: Wales / Folk song / Rugby anthem

Sosban Fach (Little Saucepan)

Sosban Fach (‘Little Saucepan’) is a famous traditional Welsh folk song, commonly known as a rugby song and particularly associated with the Llanelli Scarlets. The song originates from the tin plate workers of Llanelli and was sung by Welsh soldiers in the World War I trenches. The song lists the troubles of a housewife in a chaotic Welsh household. BBC National Orchestra of Wales originally commissioned this choral and orchestral arrangement of Sosban Fach for St. David’s Day 2012.


English Translation by Sian Meinir

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